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Dental Care

Oral hygiene is extremely important to the overall health of your pet and care needs to be provided to keep the mouth healthy. Oral hygiene starts at home with regular brushing, proper chew toys, and special treats for keeping gums and teeth healthy. However, significant tartar and plaque build up on teeth after the first couple of years and can cause significant disease by three to four years of age if proper care is not maintained.  Georgetown Veterinary Hospital provides professional dental care for your pets.

Please make an appointment for your pet’s dental cleaning by calling 434 977 4600.

Dental Procedures - Dental procedures for dogs and cats are carried out Monday through Friday.** Georgetown Veterinary Hospital is fortunate to work with Board Certified Specialist in canine and feline medicine, Dr. Ed Taylor. Dr. Taylor is a Fellow and Past-President of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry. He performs complicated dental and oral surgeries such as root canals and endodontic and prosthodontic procedures on an as needed basis at our facility.

Some of the routine dental services we offer are:

Teeth scaling to remove tartar build up
Dental radiology – to detect otherwise evasive abnormalities of teeth and jaws
Dental cleaning
Dental extractions

**All animals scheduled for surgery should arrive at GVH between 7:30-8:30am that day unless other arrangements are made in advance.

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